Ms Tee Suat Chin

Qualifications Qualifications
A practicing speech-language therapist since 2002, Ms Tee Suat Chinstarted her career at Anita Russell Communication Therapy Centre and KK Hospital – Child Development Unit with the multi-disciplinary team before starting Little Chatterbox in 2004.

Suat Chin is a fully registered speech therapist with AHPC (Allied Health Professions Council).

She has made an appearance in the Channel 8 TV documentary seriesDream Potter hosted by Kym Ng, where she provided therapy sessions for a 10 year old boy who was being teased by friends for not being able to make ‘S’, ‘Sh’ & ‘Ch’ sounds, but after 3-4 sessions, he managed to master the sounds which increased his confidence. Suat Chin has also been featured in articles in Straits Times and Young Parents magazine as well.

Suat Chin enjoys working with children as it gives her great satisfaction in her work seeing a child who was using only vocalizations, babbling and gesturing to eventually developing verbal communication skills. It gives her joy to see some of the children develop enough verbal communication skills to join the mainstream schools and learn to socialize with their peers.

  • B.A. (Soc Sc), Singapore (National University of Singapore)
  • B.Sp.Path (Hons), Australia (Flinders University)

Also Trained In:

  • Lidcome Program (Stuttering)
  • Oral Placement Therapy
  • PROMPT Technique
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Interactive Oral Sensory Motor Approach (IOSM)
  • Sara Rosenfeld-Johson’s Oral Motor Therapy
  • Patricia Oetter’s M.O.R.E. (motor, oral, respiration, eyes)
  • Hanen Program
  • Renee Hill’s Childhood Apraxia of Speech