Signs that your child may need speech therapy

Speech Delay / Disorders Communication Delay / Disorders
The child has difficulty producing sounds. Words are incorrectly pronounced or distorted to the extent that his speech is unintelligible to others.

  • He leaves out the sounds. Eg cup –> up
  • He substitutes the sounds. Eg fish –> pish
  • He omits the syllables. Eg elephant –> efant
  • He has limited language.
  • He cannot verbally express his basic needs. He uses mostly gestures to express.
  • He repeats after others. (parroting / echoloalia)
  • He cannot hold a conversation with others.
Language Delay / Disorders Literacy Challenges
  • Language delay / disorders can be receptive and/or expressive.
  • The child has difficulty following simple instruction.
  • He has limited vocabulary.
  • He has difficulty putting words together to form a phrase / sentence.
  • He has difficulty using language in a socially appropriate manner.
  • The child has difficulty recognizing / remembering new words.
  • He has difficulty picking up phonics that are introduced in school.
  • He has difficulty comprehending what he has read.
  • He has difficulty with spelling.
  • He has difficulty expressing in written language.

Additional Resources for Parents

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