Dear Miss Tee,
Thank your for your patience and guidance. Ashley has shown great improvement despite her brief stint of 4.5 months at Little Chatterbox. She is able to interact verbally much better both in school and at home. Ashley is now more expressive and experiences less meltdowns. Really grateful for your hard work.
Best Wishes, Jade
Dear Suat,
Alek has improved significantly in the 2 years working with you – initially 4x per week, moving to 2x per week and now to its conclusion completion, from age 3 to 5.
We are optimistic with the work done, he will naturally continue to improve his speech going forward from this point. That he has established the foundation & repetitive learning to do so. He has been very fond of you, and I’m sure he’ll miss his time spent with you, very much part of his last 2 years.
Thank you.
All the best,
Lena & family
Dear Suat Chin,
Thank you so much for all your hard work! Keeran has made significant improvement these past year and half with you.
You have truly made a difference in his speech. From non existence to now finding hard to stop him sometimes!
Thank you so much, Keeran’s progress wouldn’t have been the same without you!
Take care,
Jessy Keshma & Keeran Ong
Dear Ms Tee,
We are very grateful for everything you have done for both our sons, Evan and Ryan.
When we first sent Evan to you, he couldn’t say a single word at the age of 5 years old. Now, just within a few months, Evan is able to say at least 10 words, especially he is able to call us ‘Papa’ & ‘Mama’. We have waited for this moment for 5 years and finally able to hear Evan call us. Thank you very much for teaching him and enduring his temper and crying all the time when he has his melt-down. Thank you very much.
Thank you for your kindness to my family and Ryan for offering him help without asking for any return. We are extremely touched by your kind offer. Ryan is able to speak more confidently now after just a few lessons from you. Thanks for correcting his ‘b’ and ‘p’ and he is able to call ‘papa’ too 🙂
Thanks for everything that you have done for my family. Evan & Ryan 🙂
As what this card has said, thanks for doing so much more and understanding our financial situation. You actually don’t have to do all this. Thank you very very much 🙂
We hope that you can continue to teach our boys for many many years.
Thank you very much
From: Wilson Tan, Carol Pang, Evan Tan & Ryan Tan
From Vera & Family,
My daughter, Vera was diagnosed with language disorder last October after a series of test.
In November 2011, we visited Suat Chin for the first time and I must say the changes in my daughter are incredible. She can now communicate in complete sentences, have good understanding of our conversations and ask us questions in just 6 months of therapy.
Suat Chin has broken the silence for Vera. Vera is now competent in her conversations, which is delightful as well as encouraging for us.
Vera can now relate to her school teacher her weekend activities as well as communicating with her peers. She is even becoming popular among her friends.
In short, we feel that teach Suat Chin is definitely incredible and the best proof is that Vera herself looks forward to her sessions. A big THANK YOU to teacher Suat Chin!
Teacher Suat Chin,
Having worked with you for the past 4 months, Andrea has shown great improvement on her speech & confidence, especially at home and in school.
She used to use alot of preverbal skills rather than speaking in word / phrases.
After few months of therapies, she has now become more verbalised, confident in expressing her feelings & needs, which enables us to understand & communicate with her better.
Thank you so much for all your help. We truly appreciate your efforts.
Andrea (Age 3;1), David & Siew Eng
Mar 2014
Dear Suat Chin,
Kyrie has been with you for roughly 4.5 months, and we have always wanted to let you know how heartened we are to witness her progress in speech.When Kyrie first came to you in December 2014, she could barely speak. Her voice was soft, and her vocabulary rather limited. We remember she would at most (pathetically) label things in colours, and not describe the noun itself. We were rather anxious to bridge the gap she had compared to her peers.However, after just a few sessions with you, we saw tremendous progress in her speech, starting from her getting more audible, to being willing to speak more, and then slowly increasing her vocabulary. We saw how you confidently nailed and targeted the root of her problem. We are also impressed with the way you deal with Kyrie’s tantrums – strict and yet able to strike a chemistry with her. Such classroom discipline is critical for lesson objectives to be met. Kyrie looks forward to your speech therapy every week, and would urge us to bring her to “find Ms Tee”.Apart from Kyrie’s progress in speech, we also appreciate how you spared a thought for our family finances when you learnt that I would be out of a day job soon, suggesting that we switch Kyrie’s session to a weekday instead. We truly appreciate your care and concern.We hope that this is a testimonial that you can share with other potential students who would benefit from your expertise. We are confident that you would be of great help to many other Kyries (and their families). JPlease have a blessed week ahead!Best Regards,
Shu Shang, Yang’en
And little Kyrie
April 2015
Dear Suat,
Juan Jacob was hardly speaking when we brought him to you. He lacked confidence to even speak audibly.
We could see things changed significantly in the past four months, and he is really in a better place now from where he started few months back.
Thank you so much for your hard work and efforts.
Dennis, Ansu & JUAN (Age 3;9)
Dec 2013
Dear Tee Suat Chin,
Thank you for all the work that you have done with Caelum.
In the 3 months that he has been seeing you, his speech has improved incredibly.
Thank you also for showing me how to be confident with the techniques when working with Caelum at home.
Caelom’s speech would never have developed this far without you.
Dear Suat Chin,
With your two years of work with Yunhan, he has made so much progress in speech, which is not possible without your systematic approach and persistant effort. A big THANK YOU and hope more kids can benefit from your expertise.
Haishan & YunHan
Dear Suat Chin,
Thank you Thank you Thank you
What a difference you have made in Molyny’s life!

Paul, Kelly, Olivia & Molyny
Thank you for all that you’ve done for Jayden. Without your efforts, we wouldn’t have such a lively communicative Jayden. Much appreciated and all the best!
Wei Wei
April 2015